The Vittorio Mazzucconi Foundation (2/6)

Who is Vittorio Mazzucconi

"Vittorio Mazzucconi is an artist of international renown, who works over a range of cultural centres such as Milan and Florence, Paris and Athens. He is also an impassioned town-planner, an architect and a painter who translates his deep and dreamt existence into the magic of colour. Vittorio Mazzucconi is a man who has chosen an active isolation, a secular kind of intellectual monasticism. His figure stands out in the contemporary scene both for his self-imposed silence, felt as a deliberate filter, and for his stand against one of our major ills: the costiveness of the imagination. Vittorio Mazzucconi’s anomalous position can be summed up in an apt image. In point of fact, he is not an architect but a guru. An architect-guru, perhaps, a painter-guru. For decades now, his work has acted as a moral and cultural bulwark against the fads and fancies of our dissipated times. Some creativity is random, some is planned, some is lacking in moderation. The creativity of Mazzucconi the guru is imbued with wisdom."


 Riccardo Barletta

Mazzucconi lives and expresses himself in a whole, as if swimming in an inner sea, or flew into high regions, ranging from the depths of myth to the world of ideas: in all is the truth, it is the soul that speaks in it. Its is an experience that goes beyond contingency, looking at the perpetual; beyond the separation between different arts; beyond the forms and techniques specific to each field, o be present throughout the symbol; beyond the art itself because it can also unfold in a philosophy; beyond philosophy, finally, to focus on mysticism. And that, from this essence, he finally returns to reality to transform it, as seen in his city projects.
It is therefore a total work not only for its extent and depth, but for the values ​​it carries and for being one with its creator and his personal journey.

 Igor Jawlensky (from the preface to the book "Arts and Psyche", Mimesis 2012)

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