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Aix Etoile      
Mée sur Seine 1976
Satellite City Project

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In this project for a satellite city near Paris, Mazzucconi designed the Center of the new agglomeration like a small ancient city, which pre-exists the rest. This actually occurs in many large cities, in which the center constitutes the original, historic city. This original city was often founded according to a sacred rite corre- sponding to the sky - the tracing of the axis oriented towards the four cardinal points. The project AIX ETOILE is based upon this idea, but with a difference: because physical constrictions prevented a sacred orientation, it is suggested with one axis that inclines with respect to the rest of the composition, linking the Church and the Community House (another of the Arks that Mazzucconi proposed for France: see les Halles).

The plan of the "Historic Center"
Photo of the model and perspectives


  The project site borders the large dug-in trench of the Paris-Lyon railway line. This trench can be thought of as a kind of bridge, whose covering of greenery and a waterway simulate the birth of Paris from a small island of the Seine!

The project is thereby made in the image of Paris, as well as in the image of an archetypal city that we carry inside ourselves, within our own pysche.

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