Vittorio Mazzucconi's paintings,
with the Artist's comments

  The Inner Harmony (The Shell)
180 x 180, acrylic on paper, mounted on panel
  Thus my soul lives and operates: with its eyes closed, gazing purely on the inner truth, constructing a harmony as if it were a spiral, like a conch, a shell, a boat with which to navigate the Sea of Unconsciousness, while, outside, the world appears in an obscure chaos. All Vittorio Mazzucconi’s paintings and Architectures are conceived this way.

180 x 350, acrylic on paper

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  The title belongs to 12 years afterwards, when the painting has been found again, thus giving a proof to what is true also for all the other titles.
  They never indicate a prior theme of a painting whose birth is spontaneous and with no reference whatsoever to a theme, but constitute only a posterior reading.
In this painting there are also Pluto and Demeter, while Persephone assumes the Anastasia’s body, as the beginning of a new love which means a return to light.

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The Abduction of Persephone 1989.12
The Abduction of Persephone 1990.09.20
…in which, on the contrary, is expressed the end of a love, with its precipitating into the darkness..

  The Soul and the Self 2
180 x 180, acrylic on paper, mounted on panel
  The ample gesture of the Self protects the Soul, which is in the shadow, as it can be seen also in the following paintings.

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