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Vittorio Mazzucconi


EXHIBIT 1999-2005

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1980 - 1986
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100 paintings flash selection
Paintings on paper

Works by Vittorio Mazzucconi
from the Foundation's collection

The exhibition, articulated in 5 subsequent events, according to the different periods, presents Mazzucconi's works on paper, which accompanied the parallel production on canvas, but not that of the early years. There is no substantial difference between the two techniques. The paintings's theme is always love and, above all, its repeated loss, and also the style is quite the s ame, even though the paper allows a greater freedom and immediacy.

Index of works

YEARS 1980/86

The undressing
The creation of Adam

The production on canvas of this period is much more dense, especially for the part of the story of S. with its very intense value. It goes from pure eros to a meditation on the soul and its appointment with birth and death, which makes us think of the naked female figure of the Undressing

YEARS 1989/91

The pictures are the last traces of the P. love story, that had animated a considerable pictorial production with large composite pictures (see eg. Il corpo e l'anima), and record the new .e D. experience with his exotic character

The Sphinx
The Great Artist
Masculine and feminine
Catastrophe in my garden
The Rape of Persephone
The end of love
The soul and the woman
And life goes
Thinking about the lost woman
The birth of a love
Dissonant love
The odalisque

YEARS 1991-93

Other women, stories, and travel, which accompany the usual meditation of which love is the lifeblood.

African Aurora
Aurora 2
Without title
African Aurora 1992
The prisoner
The mirror
The inner harmony
The wave
The soul and the Self
Thinking about the woman
Man and woman (detail)
Goodbye D.
The Demiurge
The Rape of Proserpina
The Rape of Proserpina (detail)
What to do?

YEARS 1993-98

In comparaison with the number of canvas painting of this period, there are few works on paper. They mark the beginning and the end of the G. love story: the first one when just arriving in the India house where it started, and the last one of the difficult Panarea vacation.

Couple with baby
Consolation 2
Giuseppina at Panarea


YEARS 1999-2000

After the "painted again pictures" these paintings on paper express the same pain for the end of G. love but, unlike the paintings, they do it without anger and violence, with a painstaking reworking in search of a catharsis. Afterwards, new meetings take place.

My God!
Human condition
My love!
The angel
Human suffering
The falling sky and the new dawn
The feet in the pit
The girl and the old man
Why do not I listen to you?
I wish i could fly
The foundation
The form and the essence

YEARS 2004/05

Vedi Painting shooting

The Departure