Vittorio Mazzucconi's paintings,
with the Artist's comments

THE DESCENT TO HADES The abandonment of Brigitte, in which reason prevailed on feelings, is for Mazzucconi the second crucial experience: the meeting with Eros is followed by the moment of its lost. Therefore, as a new Orpheus in the quest of the lost Eurydice, the Artist makes his descent to Hades, with a long and painful journey, that makes him entering in touch with his own shadow.
There cannot truly be a spiritual path without acquiring such a consciousness of the lower part of ourselves.
On an overall view of a whole life, it’s very much like as an artist, having reached a high level in architecture, instead of identifying himself with such an achievement, would decide to start again from the beginning, accepting his less developed part, the obscure, archaic one. In such a way he gives witness of the image whose truth Mazzucconi is often mentioning: the image of the tree, in which there are a symmetry and a complementarity between the branches opened in the light and the roots deepened in the obscurity of the ground.

The Sky and the Earth
90 x 80, oil on canvas
I felt like the sky, my love, because you were my earth! This painting, that expresses an extremely tight union, is, instead, the last of our bond. All the period that follow will be lived in the mourning that followed the loss of the loved one.

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  The Judgement
116 x 184, olio su tela

The angel of Judgement and the demon, that takes possession of the crying soul of the condemned, are a spontaneous representation of the remorse for having abandoned the loved one.

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