1991 - 2008
Spreeinsel (2/3)

Berlin 1993

Urban planning competition



This project for a renewal of the ancient Berlin city-center risen on the Spree island, after its destruction during the war and the following reconstruction in the worst Stalinist style, has been presented to an International Competition.
While the latter was intended only to urban planning contributions, Mazzucconi felt that the very heart of the problem was to be recognized in the ancient Castle, which ruins, surviving the war destructions, were later on razed to the ground by Honecker. Working on the city cradle, where Berlin had been born, was therefore equivalent to interpreting its very symbol, the Castle. Therefore the project, besides recuperating the originary urban texture of the area, proposes the partial reconstruction of the Castle, to be incorporated in a modern complex. Its iron framework would suggest the appearance of a building site, thus expressing a reality in progress and not a could historical reconstruction.
Part of the Castle site would give room to an architectural development, something like an immense sculpture centered on the Unter den Linden axis. It contains also a glazed building which is a kind of idealized acropolis. The sculptural shell is composed of three separate parts which, in some official occasions, could assume the German flag colors. Far behind embodying the symbols of a city and of a nation. this form has the meaning of the mythical Arks which appear in so many of Mazzucconi’s projects. They carry the treasures of civilization and of a superior identity.

(See also the Ark of the Halles in Paris, the project for the Canal Area in Nancy, the New Agora of Athens, the Flower in the project for the new Florence City-Center, the Palatine Pyramid etc.)

The Spreeinsel as it was
The Spreeinsel in its actual state