Anna Piscopo

Il Luogo della Cascata
19 January – 2 February 1999

Anna Piscopo is a young painter in search, as so many other young artists, of her own path. In her, there is a great sensitiveness, which makes her not only receptive of the emotions and of the deepest realities of life, but timorous as well, as these realities seem to be much greater than the little world that Anna cultivate in herself, with her dreams and the shy attempts to enlarge it, to make it fit with the adult world…
In a contrast with this attitude, Anna is a painter of exceptional strength. Her gestures, large and secure, the chromatic texture, the spaces which she traces in her canvasses belong to a painting with the majuscule ‘P’.
Her paintings are also the mirror of her soul evolution: from a first, obscure and closed period of coercive forces ( she calls the paintings of this period ‘bombed cities’) in which takes shape her inner word, to the more recent works rich in movement, color and light, which makes us think of space and the sky.

Vittorio Mazzucconi

Studio – Museum
3 February - 30 March 1999

The Women and the Soul

An artist can draw his inspiration from many aspects of life, those near to his heart or to his cultural interests, or those concerned with a social engagement, or with nature etc., but Vittorio Mazzucconi tells us that women, only women is the real inspiration.
Certainly, while he is painting the bellowed women, he is not only in touch with her physical presence but, mysteriously, with a deeper reality. If love (which is this reality) is a synthesis of life, art extracts from this synthesis the essence. Such feelings drive us very far in a process of awareness and in its artistic interpretation: from the first joy of an encounter to the last sorrow of separation, as from life to death.
If the flourishing of love is like a birth, its end can be perceived like the Orpheus’s journey to the Hades, in the search of a lost Eurydice. This is the sense in which women is the fundamental experience in man’s life and the only inspiration of an artist: she opens in fact the way to the revelation of the Soul, in the Jung’s interpretation, while making possible the discovery of the inner Self.