immagine istituzionale della Fondazione - particolare de 'Il lavoro spirituale' opera di Vittorio Mazzucconi The Vittorio Mazzucconi



1976 - 1977
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The last works 2004-2005

The Stone-man and the Angel
80 x 120, oil on canvas
150 paintings selection
1976 - 1977

Vittorio Mazzucconi's paintings,
with the Artist's comments

Vittorio Mazzucconi had trained to paint since his early years of youth: this was both his first chosen study and the initial intent of his life. The interest for architecture, which later absorbed all his energies, was born from this initial inclination towards beauty and the full expression of feelings and, therefore, has no connection whatsoever with architects’ normal preparation. These tend to revolve around an attraction for mental schematisations born from Rationalism and other ideologies. (see the Itinerant Exhibition of Vittorio Mazzucconi’s architectural works: A POETRY FOR THE CITY.)
Only in 1976, after several decades of architectural work, was Mazzucconi to take a paintbrush in his hand once more… and never leave it again. Even in painting, he starts in a way independent from the tendencies of our time, and he is looking only to some basic values, such as: geometry, born from his love for architecture, the duality of our mind, the woman, a religious sense… These values are accompanied by a research into the more obscure areas of the souls, with its feelings of despair, pain, aggressiveness. It is in that way that a long and passionate pictorial experience starts, and becomes the practice and the expression of the corresponding inner path.