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The inner Aurora 2
150 paintings selection
2003 - 2005

Computer studies of Vittorio Mazzucconi

Other years of interruption were due to the renewed engagement of Vittorio Mazzucconi in architecture (see the Palatine Pyramid projects) as well as in a new building business. These have also been years of relaxing from the emotional intensity of the previous period, and also of new interests, with frequent journeys and experiences that didn’t let any traces in pictorial works.
When painting was taken over again, in 2003, this was done in a different manner, as a computer elaboration of some previous works, in the path already experienced in a first attempt of 1997 (Blessing).
To say the truth, in Mazzucconi’s paintings, there was something ancient, outdated, or at any rate a far away from the language researches of contemporary painting, as the Artist, without taking any interest in the latter, was only following the dictates of his own soul: The art as an inner Quest.
The computer allows now a new, very modern expression to be achieved. The desecrating way of painting, that one can see in the 1999 “remade paintings” series, develops now itself in other forms, and no more with an emotional impulsion but rather as by play. Sometimes, play is truer, and nearest to the essence of reality than the most conscious seriousness.