Vittorio Mazzucconi's paintings,
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  Crucifixion (of St Simpliciano)
240 x 400, acylic on canvas, in 8 parts

Nowadays, too many images are consumed and taken for granted If we were to abolish the false sense of security that they give us bybreaking them up and rearranging the pieces, just as our hearts suggest to form a new unity with a different rationale, who knows whether we might be able to recreate their original Impact, the message that has been lost?

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The same happens with our image of God. It is not the One, the metaphysical God we experience today, but His broken image, the loss of His unity Whether we suffer in war or we rejoice in peace, we yearn for a new, unified reality in our lives. The crucified Christ has been broken up in this painting, like a suffering man divided against himself, as all of us are. But, above and beyond the drama, Christ does not die, but triumphs over darkness. He is the unity into which fragmentation is recomposed and then transcended.

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