Vittorio Mazzucconi's paintings,
with the Artist's comments

FIRST FIGURATIONS The first figures are very much influenced by a geometric scheme, even if it is geometry itself that suggests a complementary order of values, much nearer to the hearth.

Osiris 1
oil on canvas
  It is Osiris who has the face of the moon and attracts to himself the tides with the fishes. In the lower part, he looks half like a man and half like a snake: an allegory of the remote origins of man.

  The Peace and the War
oil on canvas
  There is an opposition between Good and Evil, the first one personified with a head that is an harmonic spiral of development and love, while the Evil head is square, with the cool light of a sharp look.

See the same opposition between the spiral and the square in:
1990.09 Male and Female

oil on canvas

  The same duality is here expressed with the architectural rigidity of the figure, while the spiral that ‘kisses’ her breast suggests a principle of sweetness and love. It seems as if the breast were not only giving life but were also receiving it, as it can be seen in many other paintings.
The reversed Pyramid in which the composition is inscribed makes us think of the Palatine Pyramid
of thirty years afterwards. In the latter, sweetness and spirituality will be expressed by the large marble sail, in a dialogue with the rigid technological frame.

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