The Foundation's Gallery
May 6 -21, 1999

"A fifty years journey through the face"

Anselmo Francesconi is a painter and a sculptor who, for the quality and the vastness of his work, internationally known, can be considered as a master. This exhibition, although he usually prefers to express himself in large paintings, full of movement and figurations, presents a series of portraits, mainly of reduced size. The artist demonstrates in them not only his artistic mastery but also an exceptional psychological insight.

Caroline Gallois

The "Luogo della Cascata"
September 16 - 29, 1998

We show a series of oil paintings and graphic works which represent birds and other animals, in a painful counterpoint with technological elements. An interpretation of today's world, but also a mirror of the interior life of artist's life. These works were first exhibited in New York, where Caroline Gallois lived for many years.

Vittorio Mazzucconi

Museum - Studio
October 6 - December 19, 1999

"The Golden Fleece"
The search for the inner 'Self' in painting and architecture

These paintings and also the architectural works of Mazzucconi can be regarded as signs or steps in the path of the realisation of the 'Self', which every religion, as well as Yung's psychology indicate as the true human destiny.

Works from the Foundation's collection