Contest, open to painters, sculptors and multimedial artists alike, aimed to sensitise the artists towards a revaluation of their inner being through art; and exhibition of the works of the 50 participants.

Winners: Luigi Poiaghi, Leonidle Carabba, Nicola Vitali, Emanuela Banfi, Daniele Innamorato.

Special Mentions: Elena Ceci, Mercedes Cervilla, Alessandro Cuiralli, Claudio Cravero, Ivana Dioro, Alessandra Filiberti, Silvana Liberati, Ambra Morosi, Anna Piscopo, Sameul Polacco, Enzo Santambrogio.
Luigi Poiaghi: THEORY OF SHADOWS, 1994 oil, tempera, oxides on felt, 70 x 250
Darsena   AARC support to the enterprise with a seminar - contest on ideas capable of giving Milan's Darsena, a new layout; open to young architects from all parts of the world.

Special Mentions: Tom Abraham, Craig L. Bacheller, Vladimir A. Belogolovsky, Jean Byeong-Heon, Veronica Castro Vela, Jean Louis Lèger, Ernesto Martinez, Kim J. Hyang, Tiziana Lucca, Hasa Dolan.

Thesis carried out by a group of students studying Industrial Design at the Politecnico of Milan, co-ordinated by Prof. Marco Maiocchi. Subject: the Foundation, creation of a hypertext and display of the work done by Vittorio Mazzucconi and his Foundation.

Participants: Roberto Corno, Pamela Di Miceli, Marina Griffanti, Laura Jannaccio, Alessandro Preti, Angelo Rigazzi, Daniela Rosani.

  Recitals by Giuliano Zosi Zosi, with compositions of Schwitters