the Spiritual Work
the Seminary


Where and When

The Mazzucconi Foundation is holding a Seminar in Spring 2009, from 21st March to 21st June, with the title of THE SPIRITUAL WORK . Divided into a series of lectures about the city, architecture and art, is also being supported by a philosophical debate aimed at regaining their spiritual foundation. With the same purpose, other Seminars about different disciplines may follow, in collaboration with relevant professionals.
Lectures will take place on Wednesdays at 7.00 p.m. in Via Andrea Ponti, 1 – Milan, and be followed by the chance of dining together in a friendly socializing environment. The seminar begins with the Vernal Equinox and concludes with the celebration of the Summer Solstice. For further information, please check the detailed programme.
Table of contents

The Seminar comprises four topics, each one investigated in three lectures:
Refoundation of the City an attempt to reconsider the city beyond the current cultural decay, so as to regain the founding values and configure a vision for the future
A Poem for Architecture on behalf of buildings and cities constructed in the image of man and not the evil call of money, power, ideology or technology for technology’s sake.
Art as Inner Quest rediscovering the true sense of art expressing our soul and not the ephemeral provocations of contemporary art.
The Renewal of Man working on ourselves as our most important duty to bring harmony back to our mind’s deviations and to the obscure and destructive drives in our times.
These topics are all gathered into a single intent, the only one capable of acting on the city, architecture, art and any other expression of man: a spiritual orientation.
We have to join a true idealism to a true realism, if we want to be wisely effective in reality.
The Seminar is not supposed to be a meeting like many others, but rather the chance to experience creativity in progress and share with others.
As the main lecturer, Vittorio Mazzucconi will strive to focus the sense of the Seminar through his words and works, within a series of sessions in dialogue with some guest-lecturers and all the other participants to the Seminar.

A home is also being given to our effort: a place to start, as a symbol, an event that beholds the perennial and deposits it in the very heart of our age, hic et nunc: the CATHEDRAL ARK.
This building has been planned for the Cathedral square in Milan, but it essentially represents a project for a spiritual opening. Lovingly recalling the ancient baptistery where Saint Ambrose christened Saint Agostine during another epocal crisis, the Ark draws inspiration from this sacred gesture to start working upon our rebirth.