Art and Psyche
The Seminary

through the paintings
by Vittorio Mazzucconi

The Programme

Where and when

The Mazzucconi Foundation is holding a Seminar in Autumn 2009 about:

the soul’s journey
through the paintings by Vittorio Mazzucconi

The Seminar begins with the Autumnal equinox Feast on 23rd September and closes
with the Winter solstice Feast on 21st December.

It comprises twelve lectures, taking place in Via Andrea Ponti 1, 20143 Milano
on Wedsnedays at 7.00 p.m.

After the lecture and the relevant discussion, it will be possible to join in a friendly dining.
For any other information, please check the programme in details.

Table of contents

This Seminar follows on the previous one held in Spring 2009: entitled THE SPIRITUAL WORK, it dealt with a bunch of diverse topics, such as the city, architecture, art and philosophy, under the common motivation of regaining their spiritual orientation.

Such a work has now to be continued by thoroughly investigating each topic. Starting with art, the Seminar is now bringing along a presentation of Vittorio Mazzucconi’s paintings, in which the inner quest towards the revelation of the Self, where every man often unconsciousnessly tends to, can find not only its expression but also an actual medium of fulfilment.

All the paintings show up in fact as the true recordings of such a quest. It certainly is an uncommon experience within the contemporary art environment, where the greatest emphasis is being paid only to the linguistic level, to a specialized criticism and to the art market, while the deepest and perennial meaning of the human soul is dramatically ignored. In the barrenness of this scenery, Mazzucconi’s paintings get along with his architectural works, his projects for the city and the mystic aspiration guiding his quest and withdraw from the drift of our time in search of a regained awareness of the true foundations of our being.

Through this series of lectures, the several steps of the inner quest will be discussed and the most effective artworks in sheding light on this presented. An interaction with participants will be welcome and spurred on both the art outcome and the psychical inner content that can be lived up and shared upon exploring the artworks and their author’s relevant experience. The lectures will alternate with other conversations or readings benefiting from renown exponents of other disciplines, such as psychology, art history, philosophy, religion, who’ll try to figure out the relationship of their branches with the exhibited artworks, in order to possibly underline the existence of the very same quest into them. We do believe such interaction would result in a most fruitful experience for all participants.
Relevant details and subjects will be stated in prospective invitations to the lectures, that could eventually differ from the scheduled programme in order to allow the most effective treatment of the subjects.

Through this, it will be possible to recap the journey from the recognition of the shadow within us and the whole human condition, to the quest of light, driven by eros.
The whole cycle of love will be run through, from its very beginning to its ending, and be paralleled with the cycle of human life from birth to death. Like Orpheus looking for Eurydice, we’re going to descent into the Underworld, where the soul experiences the other side of life. As it happens with Proserpina, we’re going to achieve a balance between life and death in an cyclic alternation. With Psyche we’ll finally assist to a very painful relationship of the soul with eros: this is beneficial to reach such awareness that allows Psyche to be eventually received by the Gods.
The entire journey, previously appearing as a cyclic experience in both love affairs and in lives’ course and in the very same works by the artist, is now going along with the growing urge for discovering the real witness in us, the real protagonist: the Self. Beyond the cycle of loves and births, we could therefore guide us along to the very birth: the spiritual birth.
This inner experience is being expressed not only by the paintings but also by such poetry for the city we previously mentioned in the SPIRITUAL WORK Seminar: the finding of the historical root in this latter is equivalent to the shadow’s recognition and opens up to a very similar progress towards realization within a different procedure.