projects for Paris and France

22, Avenue Matignon  (2/3)
Paris 1972 - 76
Office Building
J.W. Thompson/SPDI (Leon Bernard Carat)



Study of the Façade

his study is based on three relationships:

o  With the height of surrounding buildings, with which those of the various floors and of the entire structure are coordinated.

o  With the building’s interior, whose floors are treated like balconies or free forms within the internal space, separate from the façade, thus permitting a great deal of freedom in the composition.

o  With the pre-existing Louis Philippe façade, which had little value in itself. From this, however, originated the idea of its collapse, newly constructed piece by piece with new stone and according to new forms, in which classical traditions are purposely violated. One might ask whether this is actually a destruction or a construction, creating an ambivalence rich with meaning.

The remainder of the façade, in glass and bronze-colored aluminum, is composed of a rising and falling series of lines and planes. These forms are accompanied by a subtle play of lines sandblasted onto the glass.

left and below: some studies of the façade and a photo of an architectural detail