Information on the exhibition (1/4)

The exhibition entitled A POETRY FOR THE CITY, is an itinerant exhibition, which has so far been presented in the following centres:
  Medici Riccardi Palace
Italian Cultural Istitute of Paris, Italian Cultural
Teknon Centre of the Municipality of Athens
Vittorio Mazzucconi Foundation

Itinerant Exhibition:

Organization:   Province of Florence, Italian Cultural Institute of Paris, Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, Grenoble Institute of Florence, in collaboration with the Vittorio Mazzucconi Foundation.
Patronages:   Presidency of the Italian Republic, Ministère de la Culture (Paris), Region of Tuscany, Province of Florence, Commune of Florence, Municipality of Athens

Cultural Project

  Vittorio Mazzucconi Foundation.

Presidency of the Italian Cabinet, Italian Minister for Culture, Region of Lumbardy, Province of Milan, Commune of Milan.

Contents of the project:






The aim of transforming the city by Art’s means (which is among the prime objectives of the Vittorio Mazzucconi Foundation) requires that each one of us find a moment of personal meditation, and in a second moment, one of fulfilment (at social level). The complementarity of these two moments has brought about two separate programmes that, together, form the same cultural project:

A poetry for the city - A Citadell of Culture.

The primer amongst these programmes, dedicated to ‘poetry’, revolves around the exhibition of Vittorio Mazzucconi’s works in the fields of Architecture and Town-planning, thus intended more in a new way, similar to the inner life, just like a poem should be (and this explains the title chosen for the project).

On the contrary, the latter pivots more around the Forum, launched by the Foundation, whose intent is that of joining Art to City. This objective will be sought by means of a series of meetings, of various activities and, mostly, by announcing some Contests in the fields of Architecture and Visual Arts, open to artists world-wide.

To have more information on the Programme and regulations of the Contests, see:
above: English placard
below: Placard of the first Exhibition held in Florence, entitled: ‘The idea of the City’